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EOC Update 09: White Rock Lake Fire

White Rock Lake Fire K61884

Discovered on July 13, the White Rock Lake Fire (K61884) is an estimated 55,700 hectares in size and is burning Out of Control approximately 25km from IR#1 Salmon River. There are 165 wildland firefighters, 138 structural protection firefighters, 16 helicopters, 53 pieces of heavy equipment, 5 danger tree assessors/fallers, and the BC Wildfire Service Incident Management Team. See details here:

Splatsin Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Splatsin formed an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on Friday, August 6 in response to the White Rock Lake Fire. Our EOC is comprised of Splatsin staff and contracted firefighting professionals who are actively working long hours seven days a week to plan for and mitigate wildfires. This team is led by Tkwamipla7 Shawn Tronson.

Our EOC is working closely with Emergency Management BC (EMBC), the BC Wildfire Service, the First Nations Emergency Services Society of BC, and Environment Canada to ensure the strongest wildfire response possible.

We have contracted a wildfire protection crew to begin preparing IR#1. These professionals are compiling vital information such as phone numbers, special requirements of residents, hazards, and much more. This information helps prepare structural protection crews in the event of a nearby wildfire. Crews are on the ground in IR#1 now, meeting residents and explaining the fire protection work being done in our area. Crews are using FireSmart guidelines to protect properties from potential fires.

Evacuation Alert

An evacuation alert by Splatsin has been extended until Friday, August 13 at 11:59 p.m. based on the recommendation of the BC Wildfire Service. The White Rock Lake Fire (K61884) has grown in size and is approximately 25 km away from Salmon River IR #1. An evacuation alert means that all community members of an area are on standby and should be ready to evacuate quickly if upgraded to an evacuation order.


  • Grab & Go Kit for each resident of your home
  • Protect your property from fire
  • Develop an evacuation plan for your home
  • Know your neighbourhood’s evacuation plan
  • Monitor updates from Splatsin and the BC Wildfire Service

These resources are available on our website here:

Evacuation Alert = to get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Stay tuned to Splatsin’s channels and the BC Wildfire Service for updates.

Evacuation Order = you must leave the area immediately. Follow the directions of Splatsin/local emergency officials and evacuate using the routes and instructions that will be delivered to your door and published online. Do not return home until this order has been rescinded. Splatsin is NOT currently on an Evacuation Order.

Monitor Updates

These updates are published daily during the week at 4:30 p.m. here and shared via social media and Splatsin’s Public Alert System. Register for our new Public Alert System today to receive emergency updates directly to your smartphone, or via voice message, text, or email. This is the most effective way to receive updates from Splatsin. Register before August 15 and be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes valued at $800. Learn more:

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