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Splatsin Stsmamlt Services, formerly known as the Spallumcheen Child Welfare Program, is an independent and completely autonomous child and family services agency operated by Splatsin. The legislation that Splatsin Stsmamlt Services operates under is Bylaw #3, 1980 a Bylaw for the Care of Our Indian Children.

Splatsin delivers comprehensive family preservation support and child protection services. The program realizes jurisdiction over any Splatsin child regardless of where they live. Some of the hallmarks of Splatsin Stsmamlt Services that help to make the program effective include:

  • The ability to respond promptly
  • Connection to the community
  • Availability to be adaptive to meet family needs
  • A small team who works collaboratively
  • Simple processes and prevention-focused

Splatsin Stsmamlt Services
308B George Street
Enderby, B.C.
PO BOX 460
V0E 1V0

Phone: (778) 943-1832
After Hours Emergency Line: (250) 306-9311

“There is no resource that is more vital to the continued existence and integrity of the Indian Band than our children.” – Splatsin Elders

This is the only Bylaw of its kind and was developed in 1979-1980 in response to decades of detrimental child welfare practices delivered by the Province of BC.

The arduous journey Splatsin undertook to develop its jurisdiction over its children included the Child Welfare Caravan. During this time, much consultation occurred with Splatsin band members which resulted in Splatsin’s current child legislation. Splatsin also lobbied and received much support from other Indigenous communities, some of whom participated in the Caravan.

Splatsin works in collaboration with families and community to provide preventative and early intervention supports. Their approach is family-centred to prevent families from requiring more intrusive services later. By building networks within the community, Splatsin Stsmamlt Services improves the ability to identify families that may require assistance and subsequently is able to offer specific and effective supports.

Families experience a single point of entry to services and supports. Splatsin Stsmamlt Services begins collaboration with other community-based services and external agency supports from the beginning. This collaborative approach is ongoing and builds a support network to ensure the safety and well-being of Splatsin children and their families.

It is in the best interest of all Splatsin children that they:

  • Are safe and protected from physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect, harm, the threat of harm or endangerment of their health and well-being;
  • Learn and participate in their Splatsin and Secwepemc culture, identity, language, laws and traditions;
  • Are cared for within their extended families, the Splatsin community and Secwepemc Nation whenever possible, and kinship and a child’s attachment to their extended family be preserved when possible; and
  • Are provided with support and encouragement or ensure and enhance their ability to reach their goals.

Child intervention practice is guided by the principles of community responsibility in child safety. Splatsin Social Workers work alongside the community and families to preserve, reunite and build the capacity of family and the community to care for Splatsin children.

Occasionally, Splatsin may have to bring a child into temporary care or on occasion long term care. Each situation is unique and is treated as such. Aside from protecting a child from harm, family reunification is always at the forefront of service delivery.

We believe in connection and a child’s right to their family, culture and community. Splatsin believes children should maintain connections that are important to them and remain with their families or kin whenever possible. When this is not possible, children are supported to continue these important relationships throughout their lives.

Splatsin Stsmamlt Services understands that, at times, families may require limited support or brief services. This may include emergency groceries, clothing, medical assistance, referral for housing services, childcare and emergency care.

Tsilem Funding

The purpose of this funding is to help to ensure that all children are able to participate in school-based and extracurricular events and activities that may have a cost attached to them.

Splatsin Stsmamlt & Kwsaltktn Coordination and Funding Agreement

Signed March 24, 2023, this Coordination Agreement is the commitment to protecting the future of our children today and for those that are not yet born.

Singed on March 24, 2023, this agreement will transfer $136.2 million to Splatsin to support their ongoing delivery of child and family services grounded in their culture and family systems over the next 10 years.

Child Tax Benefit Fund

Launched in February 2020, the CTB Fund is for individuals age 19 or older who were in Splatsin’s care as a child. The intention of the program is to provide financial support to young adults who had been in care to help those young adults’ transition to a secure and healthy adulthood.

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