Splatsin regularly publishes news releases, monthly newsletters, daily social media activity and other news to our website. We aim to keep both our band members and other stakeholders updated with Splatsin events and activities.

Contact Communications

Administration Building
5775 Old Vernon Road
Enderby, B.C.
V0E 1V0

Phone: (250) 838-6496 ext. 705

Media Inquiries

Media are encouraged to contact Splatsin’s Communications Department if they would like to request an interview or statement or would like confirmation on appropriate terminology.

Terminology Overview

  • Splatsin is a Member Band of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council (SNTC) or the Secwepemc Nation which is a self-governing Nation. The term “tribe” is typically only used in the United States. There is no acronym for Splatsin.
  • When referring to Splatsin, there is no need to add the prefix “the” in front. Splatsin is a proper noun and stands alone.  Example: “Splatsin is a Self Governing Nation (not, “The” Splatsin…), similar to Enderby (not ‘the Enderby’).
  • When referring to Splatsin’s Membership, the term ‘Indigenous’ is preferred over ‘Aboriginal’. The shift to Indigenous has been recognized by the Federal Government.

For additional information, the Journalist for Human Rights have developed a Style Guide for Reporting on Indigenous People.

Media Package (coming soon)

Splatsín Nekw̓ t̓e magca (Splatsin Monthly) Newsletter

Splatsin publishes a monthly newsletter for band members and the public about government notices, events, services, news stories and more. If you would like to submit something for the newsletter, email us. Our newsletter is delivered via email, by hand on-reserve and by mail off-reserve.

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