Indian Status

Splatsin’s Indian Registry Administrator is the liaison to the Indigenous Services Canada. Splatsin’s IRA is available to assist individuals with applications for Status registration, issuing Certificate of Indian Status Cards, and registering events including births, marriages, divorces, legal name changes, and deaths.

Certificate of Indian Status (CIS)

View eligibility and applications instructions here. Note: Individuals who have had a SCIS cannot obtain a CIS.

16 & Older

Must provide two pieces of identification OR One piece of identification and Guarantor Declaration

15 & Younger

Must have one piece of identification for the parent or legal guardian and one piece of identification for the child OR One piece of identification for the parent or legal guardian and one Guarantor Declaration

IMPORTANT: If the legal guardian is applying on behalf of the child, a copy of the legal guardianship order naming the guardian is mandatory.


A guarantor must have known the applicant for a minimum of two years. The guarantor must also write: “This is a true likeness of [applicant’s name]” on the back of one photo and also sign and date it. This photo must be submitted with the application. See a list of accepted guarantors.


Learn about accepted identification when applying for Indian Status for individuals 16 and older and 15 and younger.

Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)

A Regular SCIS enables individuals to obtain services and benefits available exclusively to registered Indians such as health benefits. SCIS is only renewable by mail. SCIS can be renewed by mail. Complete the form here. Our Indian Registry Administrator can assist individuals with this application.

Confirmation of Proof of Status

Individuals who require proof of their Indian Status must contact Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. The Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document (TCRD) will be mailed to the applicant once their identity has been verified.

Third-party requests for Confirmation of Proof of Status must contact the individual directly or the Access to Information and Privacy Office.

Non-Splatsin Status Card Renewals

If you are not a member of Splatsin and require a renewal of your status card you need to contact your band and have their Indian Registry Administrator send an email or fax (250-838-6476) to Splatsin’s Office of the Indian Registry Administrator.

The verification needs to include:

  • Band letterhead and contact information of the membership clerk
  • Client’s full name (first, middle(s), last name, bate of birth, band name, and last known card issued (if possible)
Lost Status Cards

If you have lost your card or require a new or updated card, contact Splatsin or Indigenous Services British Columbia Regional Office to complete an application form.

Registering a New Birth

Splatsin’s Indian Registry Administrator registers new births. An original long-form birth certificate is required. Learn more at Indigenous Services Canada.


Am I or my child eligible for band membership?

Learn more at Indigenous Services Canada.

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