Public Works

Public Works is funded by taxpayer revenue collected by Splatsin. Areas of responsibility include water systems to the curb, roads, drainage ditches, snow removal, waste removal, community infrastructure maintenance, landscaping and cemetery duties.

Curbside Garbage Pick-up

Garbage pick-up is weekly on Tuesdays. Pick-up times occur from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm but times may vary depending on conditions. There is a 4-bag limit per household per week.

Water & Sewer

Splatsin is responsible for ensuring properties have access to clean, functioning water. Property owners are responsible for bringing water into their home.


Splatsin is responsible for the maintenance of band roads funded by ISC. This includes snow removal, grading and ditch maintenance. Band-maintained roads include Jackpine Rd, Tamarack Rd, Spruce Rd, Spruce Cres., Pumphouse Rd, Baptist Rd, Zyprian Rd, Quilakwa Rd, Quiliakwa Cres., Lasserttie Rd, Cook Trailer Park, Rene Dr., Felix Rd, William Rd, Hullcar Rd and Clcahl Rd.

Grounds & Landscaping

Splatsin is responsible for the maintenance of grounds at band-owned public infrastructure including the Administration Building, Health Centre, Community Centre, two cemeteries, baseball park, public works yard, elders lodge, Zyprian duplexes and well-water sites

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