Social Assistance

Our Social Assistance Department provides funds to cover the basic needs of band members who are unemployed or unemployable and living on Splatsin reserve lands.

Stephanie Killman

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: (250) 838-6496, ext. 808
Cell: (250) 540-4061

E-mail the Food Bank: [email protected]

5775 Old Vernon Rd.
Enderby, B.C.
V0E 1V0
P.O. Box 460

  • Social Assistance
  • Incentive Allowance
  • Special Needs Allowance
  • Natal Allowance
  • Infant Formula Allowance
  • Diet Allowance
  • Camp Fee Allowance
  • December Supplementary Allowance
  • School Start-up Allowance
  • Work Clothes/ Work Transportation Benefit
  • Workforce Entry Benefit
  • Moving Costs
  • Special Transportation
  • Guide Dog Allowance

You can apply for Social Assistance when you or your family is short of money due to unemployment, health issues, disability and related issues. You shouldn’t wait until you have zero funds, have sold all of your possessions and/or are homeless. Apply for Social Assistance at the first signs of problems.

Apply in-person only at the Band Administration Office. If you are unable to get to our offices, please call us.

To qualify for Social Assistance you need to call the Band Administration Office and make an appointment. You will be asked to provide some basic information and documents including:

  • Picture ID/ status card
  • Social Insurance Number/Card
  • BC Care Card
  • ID for every member of your family
  • 30-day bank statement
  • Recent rent and utility bills
  • Statements showing recent income (last two pay stubs if applicable)
  • Workers Compensation documents
  • EI documents or payslips
  • Documents about your assets (house, car, boat etc.)
  • Most recent annual tax return

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