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EOC Update 06: White Rock Lake Fire

On the evening of August 4, 2021, based on BC Wildfire Service recommendations, Splatsin issued an Evacuation Alert due to the White Rock Lake Fire (K61884). The Evacuation Alert is for IR#1: Salmon River and includes the following areas:

  • William Road
  • Hullcar Road
  • Clcahl Road
  • Salmon River Road (Heywood-Armstrong Road)
  • Felix Road

Below is an explanation of the different types of evacuations:


The emergency does not allow for any warning to prepare to evacuate.  This evacuation is immediate due to threat to life safety.


People should be prepared to evacuate the area.  If not already prepared, use this undetermined period of time to begin an orderly preparation for possible evacuation orders. 


People have been ordered to evacuate the area.  This is an order and there is no room for discretionary decision making on the part of the population risk.  If this occurs, RCMP, employees, servants and agents are empowered to alert everyone in the impacted area.


The population that was ordered out of the area previously may now return as the danger has passed.  People are requested to remain ready and alert in case the situation changes.  

Our EOC team is encouraging all community members under an Evacuation Alert to be prepared with a 72 hour bag and kit for themselves and family, it is also encouraged if members can be contacting family and friends in advance to make arrangements to stay as hotels, motels, and B &B are limited in our local area.  

In the event of an evacuation order, community members would be alerted in person and home visits would be made to ensure all community members have been informed. Community members who are evacuating will be directed to check in at the primary reception center at the Splatsin Community Center located at 5767 Old Vernon Road.

Detailed Fire Update:

The White Rock Lake Fire currently stands at approximately 32,500 hectares and is burning approximately 34 kilometers northwest of Vernon. There are currently 136 firefighters, 43 pieces of heavy equipment, and 13 helicopters assigned to this fire. Winds gusting up to 40 km/hr coming from the southwest were expected starting today and until the early hours of the morning on August 6. Extreme burning conditions are expected through to the weekend.

Heavy smoke is impacting Highway 97, north of Monte Lake to east of Falkland. Aggressive fire behaviour has been observed on the northern flank of the fire. RCMP will be assisting with the closure of the highway in both directions between Salmon River Road and Monte Creek for 61.9 km effective immediately.

The images below detail the expansion of evacuation alert boundaries. Alert areas are in yellow and order areas are in red. In the first photo, the current fire position can be noted in the lower left hand corner making its way towards Monte Lake. In the second photo, the fire is making its way towards Okanagan Lake on the south east flank. In the first photo, the geographical location of IR#1/Salmon River is within the purple circle.

The Splatsin emergency management team continues to closely monitor updates from the BC Wildfire Service and will provide another update tomorrow on August 6, 2021 at 1:00PM posted to Splatsin’s website and social media channels.

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