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Update: Education Department

As Spring is now upon us it brings the realization that the school year is almost at an end. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our staff have been doing an outstanding job of supporting families through various initiatives.

One initiative that has been very successful is our Attendance Initiative. We partnered with A.L. Fortune School after spring break to offer this initiative to encourage improved attendance through information-sharing and incentives for students. It was to only run for one month but due to the effectiveness of the program, it was decided to keep it going to the end of the year. Congratulations students and staff! We are looking at extending this initiative to additional schools in the new year.

We continue to meet with the School District and our local schools to ensure that our students are receiving the support they need.  We have been very lucky to have a strong, positive relationship with School District 83.  We are very sad to say goodbye to our Superintendent Peter Jory and the District Principal of Indigenous Education & Curriculum, Anne Tenning. They have both announced that they will be leaving School District 83 at the end of this school year.  We wish them much success in the future.  They will be missed.


Our post-secondary students are just finishing up their academic studies for this year.  Congratulations to them all for succeeding and excelling through COVID-19. We are planning a virtual presentation to our graduates and will make it available to the community when it is completed. If you have any questions regarding Education Department programs or services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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