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Update: 2021 Xmas Hamper Cheques

It has been recognized that there was difficulty with the December 2021 mail-out and delivery for off-reserve Christmas hamper cheques. Splatsin apologizes for any distress this may have caused.

We would also like to respond to those members who reported they did not receive their cheque. Splatsin has investigated and can verify that cheques were mailed to everyone who had registered for a cheque.

If for some reason you registered and did not receive your cheque, please let us know and we will make arrangements to re-issue (this will involve cancelling the initial cheque).

E-mail [email protected] or call (250) 838-6496.

Planning for any future type of disbursement will be managed in a timely manner to ensure gifts/funds are received prior to Christmas Day. However, please note that the annual availability of Christmas Hamper cheques is not guaranteed.

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