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Housing Reminders for Spring

As we head into spring, Splatsin Housing Department would like to remind tenants to maintain any exterior lawns and yard spaces, unless they are being maintained by Splatsin Public Works of which the property is a part.

If your yard is maintained by Splatsin Public Works, please keep all waste, toys, bike, and equipment clear off the lawns so you can receive this service as the crews can continue their jobs without obstructions. Failure to do so can lead to a notice of default.

In addition, we will be doing updates on our housing files. Please call to schedule an appointment as we will start reaching out to schedule updates if we haven’t heard from you.

Turning Hose Bibs Back On

• Please use caution when turning on the water to your hose bibs.  ALWAYS ensure you are home the first time you use any exterior faucet and check inside for any leaks.

Check and Clean Eavestroughs

• Always monitor your eaves to ensure that there are no leaks or plugged areas.  Make sure you clear out debris with each season.

Update Your Housing File

• Call (250) 838-6496, extension 814 to schedule an appointment to update files to avoid rent increases and default letters.

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