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EOC Update 08: White Rock Lake Fire


August 8, 2021

K61884 WHITE ROCK LAKE WILDFIRE – IR#1: Salmon River is still on alert, but progress on the fire has been made.

SPLATSIN, BC – On August 6th, BC Wildfire Services recommended that Splatsin issue an evacuation alert for IR#1: Salmon River due to the extreme growth of the White Rock Lake Wildfire towards the east on Thursday.  This alert was issued because of a weather system, consisting of strong westerly winds that pushed the east end of the fire towards the North Okanagan area, and as precautionary measure Splatsin Chief & Council agreed to stand by BCWS recommendations of issuing an alert.

Since the issue of the alert for IR#1, there has been much progress made on the fire response by all the BC Wildfire crews and other responding agencies, and with the cooler weather conditions, backburns, fire guards, and suppression efforts there has been a positive response on the fire.  “With the current weather conditions, the fire has stalled with no significant growth overnight. There continues to be moderate growth in active areas on the north, northeast, and southeast flanks” – BCWS.  BC Wildfire Services continues to actively respond to the White Rock Lake fire, as it is still listed as the top priority in the province.  

“We are concerned for the safety and wellbeing of all residents and responders within the area, specifically the area of alert (IR#1), and we are taking proactive measures to ensure that supports are available should there be an Evacuation Order within Splatsin territory. I have full confidence in Councilor Shawn Tronson who has 25 years Firefighting experience and understands how to operationalize an emergency response to provide the leadership in this emergency with his support team” – Kukpi7 Christian.  

As of August 6, 2021, Splatsin has activated an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) to support the local response efforts, plan for the potential need to support evacuees, and are coordinating our efforts with Emergency Management BC, BC Wildfire Services, Indigenous Services Canada, and the First Nations Emergency Services Society.  We also currently have supports on standby within the community, including a wildfire response crew from Rider Ventures Wildfire Protection, and Emergency Support Services to assist any evacuees.

The Splatsin EOC will continue to monitor the situation through coordination calls with responding agencies and will update the community on a regular basis should there be any significant change with the wildfire behaviour.

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“We understand that this is very stressful time for everyone within the community, but we are asking for everyone to remain calm and understand that we are working hard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the community” – Shawn Tronson, Splatsin Councilor/ EOC Director

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