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Secwepemc Kukuwipi7 Message to the Nation on Positive Covid-19 Cases

Secwepemc Kukuwipi7 Message to the Nation on Positive Covid-19 Cases

Today, the Secwepemc Nation and the Secwepemc Health Caucus comes together to collectively support the health and wellness of families affected by Covid-19 in the Nation. We honor the tireless efforts of our frontline workers as they navigate the health care system to provide adequate care to our families. We stand with Little Shuswap Indian Band and Neskonlith Band with recent reports of positive Covid-19 cases within their communities.

The Nation has been preparing for the prevention and possibility of community case outbreaks that would affect our people—we have positive cases in the Nation. We committed to a Nation-based response led by the Secwepemc Health Caucus that would amplify the concerns from a community-level and mitigate concerns collectively through advocacy, community-driven planning, resource sharing, and pursuing formal recognition of Secwepemc rights and title in emergency management.

It is time to stand up our commitment of March 23, 2020. The Kukukwpi7 request that our Nation members support one another during this very difficult time. Immediately, we must adhere to all precautionary measures in homes and communities and provide support to the individuals and families affected by Covid-19.

  • Social media may not be a source of reliable information. Rumors are spreading quicker than the virus and creates fear and anxiety. Facts and information are critical to health and safety of all.
  • It is not a time to panic, it is a time for compassion and understanding.
  • It is time to adhere to all measures for no large gatherings, including funerals, weddings or other, as urged by the FNHA/FNHC/FNHDA on September 11th joint statement.
  • It is time to honor the resilience of our Nation and ask our members to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.
  • Seek supports to express your feelings and thoughts at this time.
  • Remember to wash your hands frequently; wear a mask when in public; stay home if you’re sick; and contact your Health Center or Interior Health testing site if you have any Covid-19 symptoms so you can be tested.

Mental Health Supports are available through your Health Centre staff, externally through FNHA (Mental Health Provider 1-855-550-5454) as well as other resources outlined in the attached FNHA info sheet that is intended to provide guidance for members’ wellness throughout the pandemic; if you are sick please stay home.


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