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Expression of Interest: Seasonal Boat Launch Maintenance

Splatsin Development Corp (SDC) is seeking an interested local Member willing and able to take on a multi-year seasonal maintenance contract for boat launch facilities in the Arrow Lakes Reservoir.


The Contractor will be responsible for the general maintenance, inspections, and sediment clearing of Burton Boat Launch, and an annual inspection of the launch facilities at Edgewood, Fauquier, McDonald, and Shelter Bay (the “Other Launches”).

The Contractor is to ensure that Burton Boat Launch is always tidy and functional between May 15 and September 30, each year. The routine maintenance of the “Other Launches” is performed by other contractors (e.g., BC Park Facility Operators), but in addition to the annual inspection, the Contractor may be required to undertake unplanned, extra work at these sites as well.

Burton Boat Launch
• Road inspections and parking lot maintenance once at the beginning of May each year and then on an as-needed basis.
• Weekly maintenance of the day use boat launch area.
• Clean-up, waste management, vegetation management.
• Pit toilets cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis at minimum.
• Pit toilet pumping, as needed at twice per season, at minimum.
• Boat ramp inspections and sediment clearing at the beginning of May each year and monitored throughout the recreational season.
• Breakwater inspection conducted once at the beginning of May each year.

Other Launches
• Boat ramp inspections once at the beginning of May each year.
• Breakwater inspections once at the beginning of May each year.


The Contractor must have access to necessary equipment, such as cleaning supplies and landscaping tools. Note that SDC can provide a truck and power washer, if needed.

The Contractor must be committed to executing this maintenance contract for the entire duration of the term. They also must possess a valid driver’s license and be willing and able to commute regularly to the Arrow Lakes region (3 hours away). Accommodation may be provided when required.


Two (2) years (est. March 1, 2023 – March 31, 2025) plus an option to renew for an additional three (3) years.


Interested parties are encouraged to submit an expression of interest to SDC by emailing [email protected].

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