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Social Development: Submit Job Search Forms

Attn: Income Assistance Clients

As per Chapter 4 of Department of Indigenous Services Canada, of Policy and Procedures Handbook: Income Assistance recipients are to search for, accept, and continue in employment.

Definition of Employable Person

An Employable Person is someone who is not:

  • A dependent child
  • A person who does not qualify as a Person with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB)
  • Sixty-five or more years of age

Please demonstrate that you are completing your obligations of seeking, accepting and continuing to employment.

Job Search Forms can be found at reception area alongside the declarations in a file folder.

Social Development will be expecting your Job Search forms before distributing a cheque.

Due to this notice going out late, the deadline to submit your Job Search forms this month is August 19, 2022 instead of August 15.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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