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IT Security/ Ethical Hacking and Networking

I am thinking of starting a business for IT security/ ethical hacking and networking.

Right now I have my Cisco certified network associate, ethical hacking, project management courses and IT security. Soon I will have my wifi cracking an pentesting using a mobile device. I would like to start a business in this field an service our band an in future to service all bands in BC.
This technology will be around for a long time an will be beneficial for our band members as it will ensure no hackers can have access to any of our information an those that have the interest higher education an higher income.

I am looking for a few people interested in this field, to receive on the job training, online courses, practice an a lot of practice to ensure they can get the experience needed to work alone. Minimum experience needed, real interest is needed an a clean record.

My email is [email protected] and would like to help some band members get a good chance for a higher education an most important a lot higher income potential.
Ken Thomas

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