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EOC Update 13

Waytk (Hello) members:

Based on the growing wildfire activity in our area and the forecasted strong winds and thunderstorms for Sunday and Monday, Splatsin is extending the current evacuation alert for IR#1 Salmon River until further notice. These updates are published daily by the Splatsin Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

Our Response

The Splatsin Community Centre has been designated as the Reception Centre and check-in point in the event of an Evacuation Order. After receiving an Evacuation Order notice, please proceed to the Community Center so that EOC staff can ensure all community members are accounted for and safe. Even if you have arranged accommodation with friends or family elsewhere, it is important to check in at the Community Center so that we know where everyone is.

The Splatsin EOC was activated on August 6 comprised of Splatsin staff and wildfire experts led by Tkwamipla7 Shawn Tronson who continue to prepare for potential wildfires in our area. Part of the EOC’s mandate is to coordinate internal/external resources including volunteers. In the event of an evacuation order in our community, the EOC will need support including:

  • Caterers: shopping, food preparation, cooking and serving
  • Janitors: cleaning and sanitizing
  • Reception/Registration: individuals who can assist with check-in of evacuated community members and document information
  • Security
  • Delivery of evacuation notices
  • Community Liaison

If you are interested in participating in this important community initiative, please call or visit the Band Administration receptionist at (250) 838-6496 or [email protected].

An Evacuation Plan has been developed for IR1. This will also be delivered door-to-door in the coming days. A plan for IR2 has also been developed and will be released if required.

For questions, contact the EOC at (250) 838-0775.

The EOC consists of:

  • Tkwamipla7 Shawn Tronson – EOC Director
  • Alex Hubert – EOC Planner
  • Dudley Coulter – EOC Information Officer
  • Vikki Tronson – EOC Finance/Planner
  • Phyllis Jezewsky – EOC Communication/Planner

Other agencies:

  • Kukpi7 & Tkwamipla7

Wildfire Activity in our Area

Environment Canada is predicting hot, dry, and windy conditions this weekend which is expected to continue to increase fire activity. Splatsin is not currently under an immediate threat of fire. The closest fire of note is burning approximately 25 km from IR#1 Salmon River. A new fire (K42579) was discovered 5 km west of Hunters Creek, more information will be provided once it’s available.

White Rock Lake K61884

An increase in fire activity is expected across most of the fire. Increased smoke will be seen in the vicinity of Naswhito Creek on the southeast flank of the fire as we continue to experience increased fire activity in the area. Multiple helicopters will be on site bucketing water to cool hot spots and support crews today. The fire is burning in heavy timber along the Naswhito Creek and producing significant smoke, with the potential for columns to develop. As the winds are forecast to switch to east/northeast today, fire behaviour will most likely increase along the entire eastern and northeastern flank.

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 25 km
  • Size: 58,000 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 195
  • # of structure protection personnel: 139
  • # of helicopters: 15
  • # of air tankers: available
  • # of heavy equipment: 73

See details here:

Two Mile Road K42078

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 25 km
  • Size: 1,349 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 27
  • # of heavy equipment: 17

See details here:

Bunting Road K41561

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 31 km
  • Size: 4,733 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 16
  • # of heavy equipment: 14

See details here:

Momich Lake K21658

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 87 km
  • Size: 13,661 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 37
  • # of heavy equipment: 66

Crazy Creek Gorge FSR K41769

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 60 km
  • Size: 3,842 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 28
  • # of structure protection personnel: 15
  • # of heavy equipment: 8

Hunakwa Lake K41676

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 66 km
  • Size: 3,355 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 13
  • # of heavy equipment: 8

Three Valley Lake K41807

  • Distance from Splatsin: approximately 60 km
  • Size: 433 hectares
  • Classification: Out of Control
  • # of wildland firefighters: 4

Evacuation Alerts and Evacuation Orders

IR#1 Salmon River remains under an Evacuation alert until further notice based on the recommendations of Splatsin’s EOC. This is despite evacuation alerts being rescinded around us. An evacuation alert means that all residents of the affected area are on standby and should be ready to evacuate quickly if upgraded to an evacuation order. No areas of Splatsin are currently under an evacuation order.

Be Prepared

Click the resource links below to be prepared. It is never too early to start preparing as hot, dry, and windy conditions are forecasted.

Register for our new Public Alert System today to receive emergency updates directly to your smartphone, or via voice message, text, or email. This is the most effective way to receive updates from Splatsin. Register before August 15 be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes valued at $800.

Wildfire Resources

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