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Engagement Opportunity: Modernization of By-law #3-1980

This opportunity is open to registered Splatsin band members only.

Splatsin is modernizing its By-law #3-1980 ‘A By-law for the Care of our Indian Children’. The goal of this project is to make and approve amendments to the By-law to meet the needs of Splatsin children and families while ensuring cultural and traditional values are weaved throughout.

In 2019, Kukpi7 & Tkwamipla7 made a motion to modernize the existing legislation based on requests from band members to better meet the needs of our growing community. The first phase of this project, which has already been completed, consisted of a review of the By-law and modernizing language by Splatsin Stsmamlt Services staff (e.g., replacing “Indian child” with “Splatsin child”). The second phase, which will take place in the fall of 2021, will be to present the By-law to the community and the process used to modernize it and to collaborate on ideas and gather feedback from the membership.

It is planned that the modernization of By-law #3-1980 ‘A By-law for the Care of our Indian Children’ will articulate Splatsin’s commitment to the health and well-being of its children and families, and its willingness to work with the membership to ensure their values are reflected in the modernized By-law. Stakeholders include Splatsin Stsmamlt Services (SSS), Kukpi7 & Tkwamipla7, past and current clients of SSS, Splatsin membership, and other government-related stakeholders.

Band members are encouraged to participate in this meaningful engagement process open from October 26 to November 29, 2021. See project details, the current and proposed By-law. and an engagement timeline by clicking on the button below. There will be three $100 prizes drawn at the end of the October 26 presentation. Every survey respondent who chooses to enter their name and contact information will be given a gift.

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