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Crisis Line Partnership Announced

Hello all, I am excited to share the new partnership between FNHA and KUU-US Crisis line. Please see the link below, they are a great resource.

They even welcome calls from Mental Wellness and NNADAP workers to provide practice support or to provide peer support in your practice. For example if you have a client who has expressed suicidal ideation you could phone them to get support with developing a safety plan. Please share this resource with your clients and families.

FNHA KUU-US Crisis Line Info

Shawna Nevdoff
Mental Wellness Advisor (Interior)

520 Chief Eli LaRue Way, Kamloops, B. C., V2H 1H1
Phone (Office): 778-489-2230 | Phone (Cell): 250-319-9241 |  Fax: 604.913.2081

Email: [email protected]  

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