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COVID-19 Community Update 61

Though we have started to see the positive effects of the recent public health orders, the number of new cases and people with serious illness requiring care in hospital remains high. This is why the public health orders and restrictions remain in place until at least January 8th.

COVID-19 is spreading fast and far without us being able to track it. We know we can spread the virus without knowing we are sick. We know we spread the virus most often to those we are closest with. These are all reasons to do your best this winter break to follow public health advice and keep the people you love safe. This is not a normal time, and although it can be difficult, we cannot do many of our holiday traditions and gatherings safely. We must continue to stay local and keep to our households through the holiday season despite traditions.

We are hopeful that 20201 will bring a vaccine for people who want it, and put a circle of protection around our most vulnerable community members (elders and people who are immunocompromised). Thank you to those who are doing their best to avoid coming in contact with COVID-19, and preventing the spread.


COVID-19 vaccination began in our province this week. While the supply is limited, the Government of B.C. and health leaders will deliver the vaccine in phases, starting with the highest risk populations (elders) and the people who care for them (healthcare providers). Splatsin will also be part of the early phase.

It is important to know that Canada has a good system to ensure vaccines are safe and effective. There is evidence to support that the vaccines we will be offered will provide us with solid protection against COVID-19, without the possibility of the severe side effects of the disease itself. Public health is recommending people under 16, people who are pregnant, and people who are immunocompromised do not get the vaccine in these early phases. We can protect these people by ensuring people taking care of them get vaccinated. As more vaccines are approved and become available, anyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccine in BC will have access to it.

You can expect another vaccine update in the early days of January.

COVID-19 Contacts

  • Splatsin Health Centre: (250) 838-9538
  • HealthLink BC: 8-1-1
  • BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool: here
  • Non-heath information hotline: 1-888-COVID19

COVID-19 Resources

Continue to act like COVID-19 is already in the community as it could be at any time. If you experience flu-like or respiratory symptoms, call Splatsin Health Services at (250) 838-9538. After hours, call HealthLink BC at 811. These updates are published weekly by Splatsin Health Services using the most recent COVID-19 data available.

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