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Accepting registrations for child care

First People’s Cultural Council – Art Program Review

We would like to invite Aboriginal artists, cultural knowledge keepers, and arts organizations to participate in First Peoples’ Cultural Council’s Arts Program Review. In addition to an upcoming online survey (information below) and select interviews, we want to communicate directly with Aboriginal artists, arts groups and communities – the people the programs are meant to serve.  We are hosting community consultation sessions to seek feedback on our funding programs and the support we provide to artists and communities. We would also like to hear community perspectives about which art forms are thriving, art practices that need more support, and any challenges impacting arts in your community. We are also interested in ideas for addressing these issues.

Volunteers Needed for Community Garden

Volunteers needed for community gardening projects

First People’s Cultural Council – New Language Keyboard App

 New Language Keyboard App!

Communications Survey Results

Thank you to the 106 on and off-reserve Members who completed the March 2016 Communications Survey. Here are some stats you might find interesting:

Quilakwa Centre wins building design award!

Our beautiful building, Quilakwa Centre, was recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) through its 2015/16 Wood Design Awards. The Wood & Design Building Awards is the only North American program to award excellence in wood architecture.

Facts About Poison Plants (Ivy, Sumac, Oak)

Leaves of three — let them be! You’ve probably heard that little rhyme about poison ivy, the plant that can cause an itchy rash. But did you know that poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all contain the same rash-causing substance?

Fortune Field Information

Background information on Fortune Field

1877 139 years ago, Canada allotted the ¾ acre graveyard as reserve land…

Food Security Iniative

The Community Gardens are growing! thanks very much to the Splatsin Development Corporation for their generous donation of $1,000.00 towards the Food Security movement.

IT Security/ Ethical Hacking and Networking

I am thinking of starting a business for IT security/ ethical hacking and networking.

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